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Friday, July 10, 2009

200% growth in visits per day... Who can explain what is going on???

Some time ago we announced that we had submitted our site to some search engines and some networking sites and that we had quickly found ourselves number 1 in Google on "auto time management" searches amongst others.

That said traffic to the site was fairly low. 40 - 50 unique visits per day.... Until yesterday

Most of these visitors came from - that review is not recent there.. It is posted 5 weeks ago!

Why have we suddenly come to people's attention? Any ideas? Please post in comments.

UPDATE (Jul 15) - I have confirmed that most of these new visitors came through StumbleUpon. There are 2 comments below that support that fact. I began actively 'stumbling' myself: :)


jcb122181 said...

It's called StumbleUpon and its awesome. It can direct so much traffic to your site that your servers go down. StumbleUpon is how I found you. And from my personal experience, this is most likely the cause of your traffic increase.

Dread Pirate Niko said...

I think StumbleUpon bumped up your google ranking. That's how I found the software, I searched on project management time tracking on google and this came up in the top 10.